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Slotting Optimization

Smart Warehouse / Slotting Optimization

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To strike the right balance between flexibility and efficiency of the order picking operation, it is critical to accurately plan the space in the warehouse to minimize unnecessary moves and ensure the efficient use of the available space. JACC-Slotting Optimization considers the layout of the warehouse, the correlation between SKUs, the popularity of SKUs and more, to suggest the best allocation for a new arriving material and generate the optimal spatial arrangement.



Increase space utilization: Consider factors such as the size or popularity of a material to dynamically store inventory in a way that suits you most


Reduce operating cost: Minimize the cost of any SKU moving activities


Increase picking efficiency: Shorten the picking distance and improve the accessibility of different SKUs according to their demand


Dynamic allocation: Always get the right balance between flexibility and efficiency

Other Applications


Distribution Network Optimization

Optimize stock movement instructions to ensure the products can be available at the right time, at the right place and in the right quantity.

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Order Picking Sequence

Generate an order picking sequence which minimizes the travelling time in warehouse and improves the throughput.

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Warehouse Reshuffling

Relocate inventory in a warehouse from the current location to the optimal location in order to increase order picking efficiency and space utilization.

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