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JACC - AI for Operations and Maintenance

JACC is an award-winning AI engine, developed by Optix Solutions, which is designed for tackling operations and maintenance (O&M) problems in Logistics, Manufacturing, and Facility Management industry. JACC streamlines, automates, and optimizes operating procedure by using AI, Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning technology. It visualizes real-time data, predicts operation demands, and provides the optimal suggestion for handling various situations in O&M. With JACC, operations knowledge and experience can be retained that helps organizations to make better and consistent decisions at scale. JACC can be applied in staff rostering, production scheduling, order picking sequencing, dynamic routing, job assignment, chiller plant optimization, and etc.

Text Mining and NLP

Businesses process a massive volume of documents in their organizations every day, however, processing the documents manually are time-consuming and prone to costly errors. Our Text Mining & NLP solution helps companies to retrieve information from the target websites or internal database and translate the non-structured data into structured data. The data transformation enables organizations to save time in processing documents, and thus free up human resources to work on higher value tasks and gain a competitive advantage over business rivals.


AI Consulting Service

By leveraging our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics and Workflow and Operations Optimization, we provide technology consulting services to companies across multiple domain areas. We create competitive advantages to companies by delivering actionable insights, predictive recommendation, and data-driven business advice to them.

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