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AI Workforce

Drive operational efficiency
through better resource allocation

Get the right people at the right place, at the right time


Workforce optimization is increasingly important as businesses become more dynamic and cost-conscious in a global economy. Many companies are looking for an effective and intelligent solution that optimizes their staff roster in order to let the right employees do the right tasks at the right place and time – all while achieving a high level of employee job satisfaction. By using Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, OPTIX’s workforce management software provides a solution to optimize workforce planning and staff rostering in four major areas:

Demand Forecasting

Staff Rostering

Employee Self-Service

Job Assignment


Demand Forecasting

Apply Machine Learning to forecast labor demand


Staff Rostering

Automate roster planning & optimize workforce utilization 


Employee Self-Service

Allow employee to manage their shift whenever necessary


Job Assignment

Assign employees/ equipment 
to tasks/ clients


Demand Forecasting

Find the right number of people, with the right skills, at the right place and time

Predict the future labor demand based on unique staffing policies of each organization
Identify period with labor demand in advance and plan ahead for smooth operation

Allow user to perform what-if scenario planning which enables users to review different scenarios for demand (impact of extra demand) and supply (changes in supply)


Staff Rostering

Auto-roster generation

Fill the shift automatically with the right staff

Allow pre-assignment of leave and special tasks like training
Auto-generate roster schedule which optimizes staff utilization based on staff's skills, preference, and availability
Comply with labor law and company requirements
Real-time sync with employee self-service

Changes Handling

Easily handle inevitable changes

Able to handle different types of changes (e.g. leave request, swap request, temporary secondment to another shift, sudden changes in demand, etc.)

Re-schedule the roster by AI or manually 
Identify re-scheduling conflicts, alert and help staff resolve the conflicts quickly


Employee Self-Service

Manage their own roster

Streamline HR workflow and increase employee engagement

Allow employees to indicate roster preferences, view upcoming shifts, perform shift swap, and apply for leave at any time anywhere with their mobile 
Suggest suitable colleagues to swap shift, while upholding compliance and business policies

Time & Attendance

Track and monitor employee attendance

Allow employees to clock-in/out using mobile 
Enable employers to monitor employees working hours and late arrival, and early departure


Task Assignment


Assign tasks to the right staff automatically on the day of operation

Allow pre-assignment of tasks such as training, meeting, static task, etc. 

Auto-generate tasks based on client demand
Auto-assign tasks to staff with the right staff skills, qualification, and availability to maximize resource utilization and efficiency
Comply with the latest labor laws and company requirements such as fatigue and rest break rules
Send task-related notifications to employees via mobile app


Real Time Visibility

Capture operation status in real-time

Allow employees to record real-time data, which will be used in real-time monitoring as well as post-task analysis to improve transparency and efficiency
Support task allocator to resolve disruption with real-time information
Allow employees to request for task extension

We optimize everything
with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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