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Optix Solutions is transforming the facility management industry through its award-wining self-developed AI engine, namely JACC, that managing buildings more intelligent and responsive. JACC uncovers patterns between facilities' operating modes and their power consumption and recommends energy efficient configurations to users so that companies are able to reduce energy cost by increasing energy efficiency.

Expensive Energy Costs

Growth of Environmental Awareness


What are the major problems faced by facility management?

Balance between Well-being and Energy saving

OPTIX enables facility management companies to streamline and optimize the control of chiller plants


Smart Building/Energy

Chiller Plant Optimization

Generate operation sequence for the chiller plant automatically, taking considerations about cooling load, COP, outdoor temperature and foot traffic forecast.

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Workforce Planning

Automatically assign jobs to workers at the right time and right cost and achieve a high level of job satisfaction.

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with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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