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Production Scheduling

Smart Factory / Production Scheduling

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Production planning and scheduling has become essential steps for manufacturing operations that want to take their production facility to the next level. The aim of a production schedule is to successfully balance customer demands with the resources that are available whilst operating in a time and cost-effective manner. Many in the manufacturing industry are facing challenging times due to mass customization, short production lead-time, and ever-changing customer demand. To survive in today's global marketplace, manufacturers need precise planning, as well as more advanced and flexible production scheduling solutions that can optimize production schedules to overcome capacity and resource constraints.

With JACC- Production Scheduling management software, your production pipeline will go beyond just planning and scheduling. On top of being able to overcome common challenges such as capacity and resource constraints, JACC- Production Scheduling is a smart solution that can continuously optimize your operation process and automatically react to any disruptions in the workflow that can cause any potential bottlenecks. Apart from that, JACC-Production Scheduling continuously learns the refinement by operators to provide more preferred and practical production scheduling.



Disruption handling: Fast react to undefined machine failures and emergent changes on order


In control of delivery date: Accurately foresee the delivery date and reduce the delay


Increase the utilization of resource: Gain increased profit from the same production line by optimizing resource allocation


Knowledge retention: Learn and preserve the know-how of senior operators

Other Applications


Sales Forecasting

Predict product demand allows manufacturers to manage all aspects of the business including production scheduling, inventory management, logistics and etc, more efficiently.

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Material Allocation

Estimate the arrival date of materials and provide suggestions on material purchasing and material allocation to different orders, to maximize utilization of inventory.

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Workforce Optimization

Automatically assign jobs to workers at the right time and right cost and achieve a high level of job satisfaction.

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