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Employee Self-Service

Enable and support flexible working with smart time & attendance solution

Give employees 24/7 access to view their roster, request time off, perform shift swapping, and more

In search of a smarter and simpler solution to tracking your employees' time & labor? As a company grows and expands, staff schedule management, such as attendance and time tracking gets more complicated to manage. This is where our employee self-service comes in. Through our smart time & attendance solution, the employee self-service system provides staff with flexible working schedules and unlimited access to their roster schedule – allowing them to request time off, swap shifts, and more, all in one platform – no matter where they are. This gives companies and HR departments a hassle-free solution to track time and attendance data automatically with a faster and more user-friendly and accurate management system, so they can streamline their workflow and concentrate on the bigger picture.

Leave Request

Allow workers to apply, modify, cancel and track the status of leave request online

Managers can approve the request based on the shift demand

Shift Swapping

Allow workers to swap shifts, including shift/ day off,  with each other to ensure the shift demand gets covered

Suggest suitable colleagues to swap shift, while upholding compliance and business policies

Allow employees to make shift swaps with or without their manager's approval.

Time & Attendance

Allow workers to log their clock in and out times via mobile 

Mobile clock-in/ out can reduce the use of physical time clocks and reduce the potential transmission of the virus

Keep track of employee time and attendance easily

We optimize everything
with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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