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Web Crawling

Extract data from websites in an organized, efficient, and scalable way 

How it works

Intrinsity’s Intelligent Web Crawling Solution is a highly scalable and cloud-based solution which employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract data automatically. Information is retrieved from the target websites and translated from non-structured data into structured data based on the client’s requirements. This data transformation enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage over business rivals. 



Provide Requirements

Communicate with us on what aim to achieve and your requirements on the crawling.

Finalize Schema

Before the crawling start, finalize schema to get everything ready to make sure the result is what you aim for.


Access data end-point

Our system access every related data and start crawling on it. 


Download data

Download data for your further analysis. Check the result and back to step 3 to improve the crawling result.

Why Intrinsity? 

We make data crawling easy


Handle dynamic sites built with JavaScript and AJAX. Intelligent agents do not break with most site format change 


Capable to crawl data from small number of sites to hundreds of sites without breaking the existing systems


Customize the intelligent agent on demand to match your data needs

Quick Integration

Query datasets using our simple APIs and deploy data into your system in real-time

Data Export

Crawled data are ready to deliver in any common format like CSV, JSON, XML or directly update your database

Speed & Coverage

Approximately one million URLs crawled every day and comprehensive data coverage on your sources

Use Cases

Credit Rating

Enhance the credit rating system by looking into the legal documents issued by the court 

Data Crawling - Credit Rating
Web Crawling - Price Comparison

Price Comparison

Monitor and compare competitors’ pricing to make a competitive pricing strategy

Marketing Intelligence

Track your competitors by monitoring their social mentions, news, forum, official websites and etc. 

Web Crawling - Marketing Intelligence
Web Crawling - Product Development

Product Development 

Understand your customers and improve your product by extracting product reviews and ratings and conducting sentiment analysis

Lead Generation

Find potential customers and build your own lead-generation database from business directories, yellow pages and social media sites 

Web Crawling - Lead Generation

Just tell us what web data your need and let us take care of the rest

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