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Chiller Plant Optimization

Smart Building  / Chiller Plant Optimization

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With soaring energy costs and growing concerns about the environmental impact of buildings and industrial facilities, facility managers are looking for solutions which help save money and become more environmentally friendly. Chiller plant optimization is critical to achieving better building performance. To solve this problem, JACC-Chiller Plant Optimization optimizes energy efficiency while maintaining user comfort with different operation modes and zoning requirements. JACC generates operation sequence for the chiller plant automatically considering cooling load, COP, outdoor temperature, foot traffic forecast, and etc.



Pertain human experience: Capture the knowledge and know-how of staff and optimize the decision-making process


Maximize energy efficiency: Reduce the energy consumption of cooling systems, and preserve comfort in the buildings


Reduce energy cost: Eliminate wasted usage to reduce chiller plant energy cost

Other Applications


Workforce Optimization

Automatically assign jobs to workers at the right time and right cost and achieve a high level of job satisfaction.

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