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Delivery Mobile App

Automate and Streamline the Delivery Operations

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OPTIX Delivery mobile app is an all-in-one tool for delivery workers. It is designed to streamline the delivery operations. It helps managers optimize their entire delivery operations by connecting the entire workforce and track delivery status on one dashboard that updated in real time. The mobile app can make workers more efficient, and in turn, lead to better business processes.

Operation Digitalization

Record timestamp for each step for productivity analysis

Scan items to be delivered to ensure items are loaded into the truck

Built in non-conformance procedure e.g. for return goods

Send customer survey when the job is completed to keep track on the customer satisfaction

Data Visualization

Store data in the system digitally, reducing the amount of paper used for everyday tasks and reducing time spent on paperwork

Receive delivery order sequence with detailed order information

View information and carry out tasks even when offline, and the data will be synchronized as soon as the network is available. 

Proof-of-delivery (Contactless POD)

Automate and streamline the documentation of a delivery by scanning the proof of delivery QR code from customer

Reduce the cost to capture customer delivery data by eliminating manual documentation

We optimize everything
with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Ask me on how Optix improves labor efficiency
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