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Order Picking Sequencing

Smart Warehouse / Order Picking Sequencing

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Order picking is known to be the most labor-intensive and costly activity within a warehouse while playing an important role for customer satisfaction. Therefore, companies continually strive to reduce cost and fulfill customer expectation from this aspect. JACC-Order Picking Sequencing analyzes the to-do orders of the day and suggests the most intelligent order picking sequence to minimize the time on traveling.



Responsive to the market: React instantly to disruption events such as rush order


Minimize the penalty of tardiness: Ensure products are ready to be delivered on time


Increase productivity: Group orders to be picked at the same time to minimize repeat visits

Other Applications


Distribution Network Optimization

Optimize stock movement instructions to ensure the products can be available at the right time, at the right place and in the right quantity.

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Slotting Optimization

Determine the best placement of inventory in order to solve the warehouse space utilization problems and minimize travel time of picking.

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Warehouse Reshuffing

Relocate inventory in a warehouse from the current location to the optimal location in order to increase order picking efficiency and space utilization.

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