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Entity Extraction

Extract data in text based on your business needs using Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Employees spend a lot of time on searching and gathering information every day. They are usually required to read through the whole document in order to get the key information. For employees who has hundreds or more documents to review every day, it is really time-consuming and inefficient.  

Intrinsity-Entity Extraction is a data extraction tool using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. It helps to automatically reads, interprets, and extracts key business information such as people, places, dates and other domain specific data from documents. This greatly reduce the time of review and improve access to key information. 

Use Cases

Reduce manual effort by automating the most time-consuming document process 


Helps you convert emails to ticket with key information  

Extract key information from emails content and assign it to the right service, team or person based on the content and attachments.

Legal Document

Helps you shorten the contract review process  

Automate the process of finding key information like plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, court address and so much more with a custom ML pipeline. 

Annual Report

Helps you develop research reports/ make investment decision easily 

Extract financial tables like balance sheet, Income statement and Cashflow statement data from Annual reports.

Stop Wasting Time Manually Extracting Data
Start saving time with Intrinsity!

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