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Introduction of JACC

Disruptive Technology for Maintenance Industry 

JACC consists of three main components, Visualization Module, Prediction and Machine Learning Engine, and AI Optimization Engine which let JACC to learn from technicians’ experience through daily operations, analyze and predict equipment failures in order to suggest optimal ways to perform Predictive Maintenance.

Creating A One-Stop Shop For AI Integration

Businesses of all stripes are doing their best to integrate big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into their workflows. Optix Solutions is trying to take the stress out of the transition. Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera asks Spencer Fung, Founder and CEO of Optix Solutions about the objective behind the company.

Bloomberg: Creating A One-Stop Shop For AI Integration - OPTIX
TVB The Pearl Report - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence today is smart enough to drive cars, talk to us, and even run our homes. In HK, new A.I. applications (JACC) are being rolled out to optimise business. 

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