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Past Events

Optix Solutions - AI Optimization


International ICT Expo is one of Asia’s leading ICT trade shows. It provides an ideal platform for ICT solution providers to meet with over 34,000 visitors from 137 countries and regions looking for the latest solutions to help their business grow. A record number of 610 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions were featured at the 2019 event, including group representations from Canada, France, India, Korea and the Mainland China.

Smart City will continue to be the main focus of the Expo in 2021, providing a great platform for exchanging innovative concepts and current technologies as well as connecting Governments and related organisations with IT companies, Startups, Research Centres and Universities.

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The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies development continuously transforms traditional industries. With the gain of digital transformation, companies are seeking for a low-risk and efficient way to adopt advanced technologies for defining new business processes and business models. In a nutshell, to formulate a management strategy for integrating the entire coordination, prioritization, and implementation of digital transformations is the first step towards success of the transformation. 



The HKTDC will organise SmartBiz Expo on 4-6 December at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).  The Expo serves as a one-stop platform for enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to explore trends in business transformation through innovation, creativity and application of technology.

During the Expo, a seminar series themed “InnoTech For Branding – Elevating Your Brand Power” will be co-organised with the Trade and Industry Department. Founder and CEO of Optix Solutions Limited, Mr. Spencer Fung, are invited to be one of the speakers for the seminar “The power of AI and Big Data”.



OPITX is delighted to be invited to showcase our technology to over 500 audience in the summit. As a logistics AI technology provider, our founder and CEO, Mr. Spencer Fung, shared on how to help enterprises to optimise their workflow of operations and retain knowledge from experienced staffs using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithm.

You may watch the recording of the panel discussion from the link below. (The panel discussion starts from 1:07:36.)


ICT Expo 2019



We would like to thank you all for taking time to visit our booth at the International ICT Expo 2019 in Hong Kong, which was held in HKCEC from April 13-16, 2019. We are very excited about the large number of visitors to our booth. It was a great opportunity to present our AI solutions. We thank you for your interest in our AI solution and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is breaking grounds everywhere! The evolution has been reaching incredibly high and new level of innovation. People have the chance to explore and experience new ideas and applications! Around 70 local and overseas companies and institutes specialised in AI research and implementation will be exhibiting for Smart Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and E-commerce, Finance, Platform and Next Gen. Optix Solutions is one of the exhibitor.




ALMC 2018 focus on three key areas – Asian connectivity, the new retail revolution and its implications for logistics, and logistics technology – and examine their respective impacts on the industry. More than 70 highly respected international speakers from the logistics and maritime sectors will share their insights at the conference, which is expected to attract over 2,100 industry players from more than 30 countries and regions.


AI Smart Manufacturing Workshop 2018



The two-day workshop of the 2018 AI Smart Manufacturing Workshop, which organised by the China Productivity Center, was end in a satisfactory way. The workshop included discussion on smart scheduling, intelligent dispatching, smart logistics, and practical solutions for warehousing management. 

AIS Robotics - OPTIX

AI - Challenges & Opportunities (China Productivity Center)



The Government of Jimei District in Xiamen, China, has been organizing leaders workshop every year since 2015. They would like to provide more chance and information for the entrepreneurs in this district. Mr. Spencer Fung, CEO of Optix Solutions, was invited to share his experience in AI development and the trend of applying AI with the theme of "AI - Challenges & Opportunities".

AIS Robotics - OPTIX

ICT Expo 2018



We would like to thank you all for taking time to visit our booth at the International ICT Expo in Hong Kong, which was held in HKCEC from April 13-16, 2018. 
We are very excited about the large number of visitors to our booth. It was a great opportunity to present our AI solutions. We thank you for your interest in our AI solution and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

AIS Robotics - OPTIX



This Forum is one of the deliverables of the project “Road to Big Data – Technical Enhancement Project for Hong Kong Information and Technology Industry”. Coming next is a series of training courses on big data & AI.

AIS Robotics - OPTIX



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topic in recent years, however, there are still many companies asking Why AI? What are the benefits of AI in business? Which AI techniques can be practically implemented in daily operations? Optix Solutions is one of the pioneer AI developers in Hong Kong, they have developed various AI systems for helping logistics, manufacturing, and facility management industry for optimizing their operations since 2008. In this talk, Spencer Fung, the founder of Optix, will share his experience of helping different business operations to adopt AI.

AIS Robotics - OPTIX



Technologies continue to evolve and transform business practices. The speakers in this seminar will discuss how advances in technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things have the potential to provoke substantial breakthroughs, create new customer experiences, and lead business transformation.

AIS Robotics - OPTIX

Tech Day from K & S Inform

"A new era of AI - Embracing smart manufacturing"



Nowadays everyone talks about AI and big data analysis. Have you ever thought of deploying AI technologies to your business? We invited Mr. Spencer Fung, CEO and founder of Optix Solutions, to introduce how advanced technology can be used in your business and how to optimize the demand forecast to achieve intelligent inventory management. Using AI technology, we can save time, money and energy. 

AIS Robotics - OPTIX

AIS Robotics



Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) rarely has a physical format but it penetrates into wide segments of our daily lives, with huge implications for a wide range of industries, such as industrial automation, services, transportation and wellness. Any robotics without A.I. is just a tool; only solutions embedded with A.I. would become intelligent, just as human with a brain has the ability to self-learn and even learn from each other. A.I. is taking the world stage and transforming it in the process. Mr. Spencer Fung shared several industrial application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in this conference.


SHARP Forum - Artificial Intelligence, End of Humanity or The Beginning of A New Era?



AI is everywhere and its influence is growing exponentially. Dr. Chun explored the journey of AI research & development, and examine modern AI in layman terms, including technologies such as deep-learning, speech recognition/generation, chatbots, robots, etc. He shared some of his award-winning AI examples created for Hong Kong corporations and look at what the future might hold for AI & humanity. Mr. Fung introduced a cloud-based AI system for operations & maintenance – JACC by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data & IoT that makes general technicians perform high-skilled maintenance work easily & efficiently. 

HKIA Sharing Seminar - OPTIX
Sharing Seminar in HKAI



As a winner of 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries. Mr. Spencer Fung was invited to be the speaker to share his success experience in the "Sharing Seminar cum Information Session of 2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI): Productivity and Quality Category".

Inno Design Tech Expo
Inno Design Tech Expo - Design and Technology Forum



In the Inno Design Tech Expo - Design and Technology Forum, Mr. Spencer Fung shared how Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution is able to enhance operational efficiency and cost saving for different companies and industries.

HKICT Awards 2015 - OPTIX
Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015 - Winners' Sharing



As a winner of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015, Mr. Spencer Fung was invited to act as a speakers to share his winning experience and benefits of participation in the "Sharing Session of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015.

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