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Sales Forecasting

Smart Factory / Sales forecasting

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Sales forecasting is an integral part of business and is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity with increasing demand. Forecasting can help managers deal with seasonality, holiday, a sudden shift in demand, and etc. It can be used to plan resources in response to expected demand, and project future budgets. Most companies are applying a single rule-based sales forecasting model to all of their products, resulting in low forecast accuracy that fails to meet demands. Poor sales demand forecasting can have a significant negative impact on resource allocation, cash flow, and growth planning.

JACC-Sales Forecasting analyzes and categorizes products by products’ features, sales' records, customer segmentation, seasonality, etc., and develops different AI predictive models for different product categories or products dynamically to meet sales demand. Thus, JACC-Sales Forecasting enables companies to make better business decisions and planning with a good estimation of the sales demand.



Better inventory controls: Be prepared to manage the inventory, avoid both overstock and out-of-stock situations


Efficient supply chain scheduling: Manage production more efficiently and manage warehouse and shipping needs better


Better labour demand forecasting: Enable companies to find a right number of workers, with the right skills, at the right time


Adequate cash flow: Manage company cash flow better by forecasting the peaks and valleys of demand

Other Applications


Production Scheduling

Optimize production schedules with machine intelligence and human considerations with consideration of various production constraints and capacity, and handle disruption flexibly and efficiently.

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Material Allocation

Estimate the arrival date of materials and provide suggestions on material purchasing and material allocation to different orders, to maximize utilization of inventory.

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Workforce Optimization

Automatically assign jobs to workers at the right time and right cost and achieve a high level of job satisfaction.

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