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AI-based Field Service Scheduling & Optimization

With Optix, you can take your field service operations to the next level by leveraging AI technologies to optimize schedules, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

Looking to optimize your field service operations, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs?

Our system uses AI technology to optimize schedules and dispatching, customize scheduling policies, achieve agility and speed in your operations, and track and measure performance. With our system, you can: 

Improve productivity by


Reduce OT by


Reduce outsourcing cost by


*Average Optix customer results 

Optimize schedules and dispatching with AI technology

  • Consider employee skills, availability, job proximity, and SLAs to assign the right employee to each work order.

  • Optimize schedules of both full-time employees and part-time employees/ contractor resources in a single system, which increases operational efficiency and reduces costs.

  • Assign work orders to your workforce – by individual/ in team-based taking into account their availability, skillset, workload and location.

Customize your scheduling policies

  • Define hard rules such as minimum staffing levels, skillset requirement, maximum work hours, and other requirements to ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies

  • Set preferred locations of work, colleagues to work with/ not to work with to increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover

  • Define job points based on the difficulties of each job to ensure that workloads are balanced across your field service team. 

  • Use zoning-based traveling time to estimate how long it will take your field technicians to travel between jobs in different areas for more accurate scheduling

Achieve agility, speed, and effectiveness in your field service operations

  • Adapt to unexpected changes such as high priority jobs, sick employees, and unavailable customers. 

  • Suggest the most suitable employees for ad-hoc jobs based on their skill sets, experience, and availability, ensuring that the job is completed successfully and on time

  • Minimize changes to the assigned schedule, ensuring that you maintain a stable and consistent schedule as much as possible. 

Track and measure performance

  • Track your field service employees and their job status in real-time, giving you complete visibility into your field service operations

  • Monitor the availability of your field service employees in real-time, allowing you to quickly identify the best available technician for any ad-hoc tasks that may arise. 

  • Provide real-time performance data on your service employees, including their punctuality, workload, service resolution time for identifying areas for improvement. 

Statistic calculating

Our Field Service Scheduling & Optimization system uses AI technology to optimize schedules and dispatching, 

customize scheduling  policies, achieve agility and speed in your operations, and track and measure performance.

With our system, you can

Improve Productivity, Enhance Customer Satisfaction, and Reduce Costs 

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