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Smart Factory

Sales Forecasting

Predict product demand allowing manufacturers to manage all aspects of the business including production scheduling, inventory management, logistics and etc, more efficiently.

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Material Allocation

Estimate the arrival date of materials and provide suggestions on material purchasing and material allocation to different orders, to maximize utilization of inventory.

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Production Scheduling

Optimize production schedules with machine intelligence and human considerations with consideration of various production constraints and capacity, and handle disruption flexibly and efficiently.

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Smart Warehouse

Distribution Network Optimization

Optimize stock movement instructions to ensure the products can be available at the right time, at the right place and in the right quantity.

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Slotting Optimization

Determine the best placement of inventory in order to solve the warehouse space utilization problems and minimize travel time of picking.

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Order Picking Sequencing

Generate an order picking sequence which minimizes the travelling time in warehouse and improves the throughput.

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Warehouse Reshuffling

Relocate inventory in a warehouse from the current location to the optimal location in order to increase order picking efficiency and space utilization.

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Dynamic Routing

Generate a delivery sequence which optimizes the travelling time and meets customer demands.

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Dynamic Dispatching

Generate an optimized dispatch plan which allocates limited resources to meet the rising customer expectation in delivery.

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Chiller Plant Optimization

Generate operation sequence for the chiller plant automatically, taking considerations about cooling load, COP, outdoor temperature and foot traffic forecast.

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Workforce Planning

Automatically assign jobs to workers at the right time and right cost and achieve a high level of job satisfaction

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Smart Transport/Logistics

Smart Building/Energy

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