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Document Classification

Minimize the time you spend on classifying documents manually 

Unstructured information is everywhere: news articles, emails, legal documents support tickets, survey responses, minutes, social media messages, chat conversations and more. People might only be interested in the information of a particular category. However, they usually need to go through all the information to find out the relevant ones.


Intrinsity's Document Classification Solution classifies the text documents into one or more categories according to the content automatically. People can focus on the categorized information they are interested in without wasting time in reading irrelevant information.

Use Cases

Reduce manual effort by automating the most time-consuming document process 

Automated triage

Classify an email/ chat message into one or more categories that refer to respective job instructions or support ticket and assign it to the right service, team, or person based on the content and attachments.


For example, a support ticket saying my online order hasn’t arrived can be classified as Shipping Issues. Detect the priority and sentiment of the task by identifying words that denote urgency like as soon as possible or right away.

Product reviews analysis 

Understand the social sentiment of the brand, product or service. Classify reviews into different topics like design, price, features, performance. The topics can be defined according to different business aspects. Detect how customers feel about your brand and various aspects of your product.

Product/ Content tagging

Make your product/ content to be well organized and improve browsing. 
Classify and tag content and product for platforms such as E-commerce, 
news agencies, content curators, blogs, directories, and etc. 

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