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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 

Automate Manual Data Entry Using AI 

OCR is a technology that can recognize and extract text from documents and convert it into machine-readable data. Intrinsity’s OCR solution is not only used to recognize text from scanned documents and images but also recognize handwritten documents.  

Understand documents 

Use AI to read and understand documents that don't follow a standard template which is unable to handle with traditional OCR software.

Real-time data extraction

Eliminate tedious and time-consuming data entry so your team can save time and focus on what’s important.

Continuous improvement

Comprise a learning mechanism that can learn from user feedback for on-going enhancement of accuracy 

Validation as a Service

Validate the result by our data entry team to ensure 100% correctness before sending it back to you 

How it works?

Upload documents

Upload PDFs or images. The OCR software will crop the document if necessary and can enhance the quality of the image to obtain higher accuracy. 

Review extracted information

Rectify the wrongly extracted information. The OCR software will learn from the feedback and improve the accuracy continuously.

Seamless integration

Export result to your existing workflow automatically.  

Documents Supported

Solution for various types of documents


ID Cards
Driver's License
Tax Document
Bank Statement
Loan Document
Real Estate
And more...
See how we can help you digitally transform your business to focus on what matters
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