Text Mining and NLP Solution

Businesses process massive volume of documents in their organizations every day, however, processing the documents manually are time-consuming and prone to costly errors. Our texting mining and NLP solution helps companies to retrieve information from the target websites or internal database and translate the non-structured data into structured data. The data transformation enables organizations to save time in processing documents, and thus free up human resources to work on higher value tasks and gain a competitive advantage over business rivals.


Automate repetitive tasks

Save time and cost

Improve accuracy and speed


Our Text Mining and NLP solution provides the below applications to facilitate decision-making.

Automatically retrieve from the target websites and translate the non-structured data into structured data     Read more.

Automatically classify the text documents into one or more categories according to their content   Read more.

Automatically reads, interprets, and extracts business information from documents    

 Read more.

How it works

Document upload/
 Web crawling
Classification &
Entity extraction
Validation of classified and extracted data

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