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Unstructured information is everywhere: news articles, emails, legal documents support tickets, survey responses, minutes, social media messages, chat conversations and more. People might only be interested in the information of a particular category. However, they usually need to go through all the information to find out the relevant ones. OPTIX's Text Classification Solution classifies the text documents into one or more categories according to their content automatically. People can focus on the categorized information they are interested in without wasting time in reading irrelevant information.

How it works?

Use Cases
Sentiment Analysis

Determine the emotional state of the text to understand the social sentiment of the brand, product or service

News Articles Classification

Help researcher to grasp market pulse by automating the laborious process for scanning and categorizing market news, articles and internal research materials

Email Analysis

Classify an email into one or more categories which refer to respective job instruction or support ticket and assign it to correct support team

Content Recommendation

Classify and tag the genre of product to enable customers to easily find similar products

Minutes Analysis

Classify a minute into one or more categories for different stakeholders to address

OPTIX’s Text Classification Solution can be applied to different situations. Get a free consultation with our experts to find out how we can benefit your business. 

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