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Use Case

Automated Triage for Customer Support Tickets using AI


The pain of prioritize a significant volume of emails received everyday

A port operator receives a significant volume of emails regarding ship planning every day. There was a team to handle the emails manually. The team was required to sort and prioritize emails based on their content, urgency, and relevance. It involved analyzing each email, determining the responsible department, and constructing container handling instructions for the department.

Technology involved


Entity Extraction


Deep Learning


AI Recommendation


Logistics / Cross Industries

Document types

Emails with Attachments(PDF, Excel, Word)


Hong Kong, MEA


English, Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese



Intrinsity tackles the critical problems that manual email triage facing


Sorting through a large volume of emails manually can consume valuable time and resources, making it a time-consuming process that takes away from other tasks.

Prone to human error

Manual email triage is prone to human error, which can result in missed opportunities or operational issues if important emails are accidentally deleted or misplaced in the wrong folder.


Manual email triage can be inefficient when communication and collaboration among team members is lacking, leading to duplication of effort, missed emails, and miscommunication.

Difficulty Prioritizing

Prioritizing emails can be challenging due to their diverse range of information, from routine updates to urgent requests for action, and may involve complex subject matter or unclear labeling.

Language barriers

Manual email triage can be challenging when dealing with emails from international customers who speak a different language, potentially leading to miscommunications in a business context.

How it works?

Intrinsity support the port operator to automate the document handling

The system involves two AI engines: email classification engine and entity extraction engine.

Email Classification Engine

The email classification engine analyzing emails and its attachment, prioritizing and classifying based on their content, urgency, and relevance for corresponding department(s) to handle.

Entity Extraction Engine

The entity extraction engine parses and extracts key information such as vessels, call sign, agent name and etc. from the emails to generate relevant container handling instructions.

Stop Wasting Time Manually Extracting Data
Start saving time with Intrinsity!

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