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Managing your schedule to maximize customer satisfaction and field service productivity is an essential factor for successfully scaling your business. Field service scheduling is a crucial factor in the success of businesses involving offsite technicians. With the demanding customer requirements on field service and unpredictable traffic conditions, it is challenging to dispatch work orders, such as scheduling manually. 


Our JACC-Field Service Management, AI-powered software for routing, scheduling, and managing field service technicians, can help you meet the above challenges head-on to better meet customer expectations with higher service dispatch efficiency and lower costs. Besides, our AI field service management solution empowers you to track your technicians in real-time and provides insights on productivity and resource utilization all through intelligent field service scheduling and dispatching.


Automated Field Service Scheduling

Generate an optimized delivery sequence and dispatch plan automatically and re-optimize in real-time when changes occur.


Real-time Information Visibility

Track your technicians and job status in real-time and get insights on productivity and resource utilization. 

Other Applications


Dynamic Routing

Use logistics route optimization to generate a delivery sequence, optimize traveling times and meet customer demands.

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Dynamic Dispatching

Generate an optimized dispatch plan which allocates limited resources to meet the rising customer expectation in delivery while achieving a high level of job satisfaction

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Field Service Management

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