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Workforce optimization has become increasingly important as business becomes more dynamic and cost conscious in a global environment. Companies are looking for a solution which helps assign the right employees to do the right tasks at the right place, at the right time while achieving a high level of employee job satisfaction. Our workforce optimization solution can be divided into two parts: Staff Rostering and Job Assignment.

Staff Rostering

Determine who should go to work and when

Job Assignment

Assign workers to tasks/ clients

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Schedule Changes

Changes handling


Preference fulfillment



Auto-scheduling & Auto-assignment

Preference Fulfillment

Fill the shifts automatically with the right staffs.

  • Allow to pre-assign tasks such as training, AL

  • Auto-generate roster which matches staffs' skills, experience, availability to work at each shift request

  • Comply with  the latest regulations and requirements

Schedule Changes & Changes Handling

Enhance staff satisfaction.

  • Consider preferences of staffs for shifts, day-off, and other personal considerations

  • Fulfill swap requests by identifying matches, while upholding compliance and business policies

  • Try to satisfy staff preferences without violating the fairness criteria

Easy to handle inevitable changes.

  • Allow to choose either re-schedule the roster by the system, re-schedule manually or remain unchanged for any unexpected events
    (e.g. leave request, swap request, temporary secondment to another shift, sudden increase in demand, etc.)

  • Identify re-schedule conflicts, alert you and help you resolve the conflict quickly.


Increase productivity: Reduce time spent on scheduling, assign staffs more efficiently and hence improve the overall productivity

Increase staff satisfaction: Ensure all staffs are treated fairly and maximize the fulfillment of preferences

Improve the quality of service: Ensure adequate staffs with a well-balanced set of skills and experiences to handle any potential work that might be needed in the working area

Fast react to unexpected events: Enable to fix issues quickly and accurately

Other Applications

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Optimize production schedules with machine intelligence and human considerations with consideration of various production constraints and capacity, and handle disruption flexibly and efficiently.

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Slotting Optimization

Determine the best placement of inventory in order to solve the warehouse space utilization problems and minimize travel time of picking.

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Dynamic Dispatching

Generate an optimized dispatch plan which allocates limited resources to meet the rising customer expectation in delivery.

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