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Employees spend a lot of time on searching and gathering information every day. They are usually required to read through the whole document in order to get the key information. For employees who has hundreds or more documents to review every day, it is really time-consuming and inefficient. OPTIX-Entity Extraction helps to automatically reads, interprets, and extracts key business information such as people, places, dates and more from documents. This greatly reduce the time of review and improve access to key information.

How it works?



Entity Extraction Engine







  Specific number  

Use Cases
Email Content Extraction
  • Requestor

  • Email receiving date

  • Task

  • ...

Minutes Content Extraction
  • Date

  • Alert (e.g. violation, penalty)

  • Reminder

Annual Report Content Extraction
  • Stock code

  • Date (announcement date/ transaction date)

  • Principal activities

  • ...

Litigation Report Content Extraction
  • Case number

  • Accused date

  • Defendant

OPTIX’s Entity Extraction Solution can be applied to different situations. All the extracted entity can be customized case by case. Get a free consultation with our experts to find out how we can benefit your business.

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